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The Acts for the 2018 Hejaz Shrine Circus

The acts for the 2018 Hejaz Shrine Circus are being added everyday. This list will be updated between now and March 16th, so check back regularly to see when we add your favorite act.

Brunon Blaszak's Tigers

Brunon Blaszak is a third generation tiger trainer, and has been performing with Sumatran, Siberian and Bengal Tigers his entire life. He and his mother, Ada Smieya-Blaszak are fully devoted to preserving these magnificent tigers for many generations to come.


"Hold on to your hats, here they come." Habib and Michele will dazzle you with the largest stars of the circus!

Santos Family

The Santos Family is a large family that brings contortionist, aerial cradle, silks and low wire. They come from South America.

Ringmaster Ted Mcrae

Our dynamic singing ringmaster!!! Ringmaster Ted Mcrae has been performing in the circus industry for several years. He initially got his start working with lions and tigers. With his booming voice and demanding presence, he is an integral part of the performance.

Hejaz Shrine Circus Production

Along with our ringmaster, the Hejaz Shrine Circus entertains the crowd with intricate dances and fun activities for every age.

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