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The Acts for the 2017 Hejaz Shrine Circus

The acts for the 2017 Hejaz Shrine Circus are being added everyday. This list will be updated between now and March 31st, so check back regularly to see when we add your favorite act.

The Chicago Boyz

The Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team, featured on the NBC hit reality competition series "America's Got Talent" is a professional gymnastics troupe consisting of talented young men and boys from the Chicago area. Their performance includes acrobatic stunts and tricks inside twirling jump ropes, catapulting off mini trampolines and thundering tumbling routines. The team, founded in 1999 by professional gymnastics coach Tim Shaw, is famous for their thrilling human jump rope trick.


"Hold on to your hats, here he comes." The largest performing star of the Circus!

Jennifer Walker's Canine & Exotic Animal Review

Get ready to see an amazing Canine Routine. Watch as these furry pups do amazing tricks.

The rare "Mixed exotic animal review" of two camels, two ponies, and two zebras. They promise to bring joy to the child in all of us.

Mr. John Cuneo's Tigers

Mr. John Cuneo brings you these dangerous, dynamic beasts of the jungle as they perform in the large steel arena.

Alvarado Quick Change

Christian and Yessica Alvarado come all the way from Romania! They are third generation circus performers and perform world-wide. Watch in amazement as colorful costumes change at the blink of an eye.

Santos Family

Fourth generation circus performers from Mexico. This family does everything from dazzling aerial feats to beautiful contortion stunts.

Ringmaster Ted Mcrae

Our dynamic singing ringmaster!!! Ringmaster Ted Mcrae has been performing in the circus industry for several years. He initially got his start working with lions and tigers. With his booming voice and demanding presence, he is an integral part of the performance.

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